Quarks (movie night)

We collectively watched the video for the first “lesson” at “Physics for the 21st century”. During the vid we used elluminate as a backchannel. After the 28min vid we had a good discussion of the usefulness of such sites. We touched on issues of big science, jargon (like the “Turbo Encabulator“), and the role of probability and statistics in science. I hit the record button after the video was over.

Here’s the recording link.

Geoff Schmit on research for HS teachers

Tonight we talked with Geoff Schmit about his research experience at Fermilab last summer. He helped with the data analysis for an experiment to test the Holographic principle, which, in part, talks about the grainyness of the universe at the Planck length scale. You can see several of his blog posts for more detail. We also talked about other ways High School teachers can become involved in research projects.

Here’s the recording link.

Next week we’re going to watch this together and use Elluminate as a backchannel.

Modern Physics at HS level

Tonight we talked about what Modern Physics is, whether it should be taught, how it could be taught, and what to do in future GPD meetings.

Here’s tonight’s recording.

Next week is Geoff Schmitt talking about research opportunities for HS teachers.

The week after that we’re going to try something new. We’ll watch a video John Burk has watched with his students about quarks and we’ll use Elluminate as a backchannel. Should be fun!