Call for speakers

Doing something cool in your classroom? Got a talk you’d like to polish up? Have an experience trying something new you’d like to share? Well, then, come and talk to us in the Global Physics Department! I’d like to get three speakers for January and three more for February if I can. Please get back to me, Andy, at if you’d like to volunteer.


Coaching night

Tonight we critiqued 8 videos of physics teachers from across the country. We then talked about how we can keep this effort going. We’ve decided to devote the last Wednesday of every month to coaching two people. They’ll get their vids up with context with a week to spare and then we’ll all try to watch them ahead of that meeting. For January it’ll be Heather and Brian.

Here’s the recording for tonight.

We’ll take the next 2 weeks off for the holidays and start back up on the 4th of January. Happy new year, everyone!


SBG/SBAR free-for-all

Tonight we talked about all kinds of issues around Standards-Based Assessment and Retention (sbar) aka SB Grading (SBG). We ranged from pre-class activities to large scale projects. We even started a list of things that can kill you when implementing SBG.

Here’s the recording.

Don’t forget to upload your ~5 minute vids (using the form on the previous post) for some coaching in two weeks.