Coaching: Whitney and Noschese

Tonight we did a coaching session with both Heather and Frank. We spent about a half hour on each of them. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone got some good ideas out of it. We’re going to continue doing that on the last Wednesday of every month. Next month we’ve tentatively got me (Rundquist) and John Burk’s mentee (Akwatee Watkins, I think) scheduled, though if you’re dying to do it, just let us know.

Here’s the recording for tonight.

Next week we’re taking with Dan Fullerton of aplusphysics fame.

Sam McKagan: PER Users guide

Last night we talked with Sam about how the PER Users guide came to be, how it works, and some future thoughts about it. It’s a great site, well designed, and it should really come in handy for people who want to try or improve their use of these great pedagogical methods.

Recording link here

Next week we’re coaching Heather Whitney and Brian Frank. To view them, sign up here (it’s the same list we used in December, so if you’ve signed up before, you’re already in). Please watch them before our session next week.

Alex Alemi – Computational approaches to open-ended problems

Last night we had a great time talking with Alex about some projects he works on. They ranged from modeling zombie outbreaks to and AI for playing Battleship. A lot of our discussion was about getting past having students just do mathematical manipulation to doing real physics, including talking about the solutions and finding relevance.

See the recording here.

Next week we’ll talk with Sam McKagan about the new PER user manual web page.