Ian Beatty: all about clickers

This week we talked with Ian about clicker use at both the high school and college level. He shared some best practices he and his research group have studied, and we had a good conversation about many issues we’ve experienced.

Recording link

Next week we’re doing coaching again. This time it’s Akwetee Watson and me (SuperFly). We’re using the same spreadsheet as before to grant access to the videos. Either go to the spreadsheet and request permission to see it (http://tinyurl.com/GPDvideo) or go to this form to request access (http://tinyurl.com/GPDview). Please watch the videos before joining us next week.


Joseph Shoer: science in science fiction

Last night we spoke with Joseph about the science in science fiction. He talked about several ways that current science is connected to the science in fiction and we brainstormed how to leverage the excitement students can have about it.

Here’s the recording link.

Next week we’ll be talking with Laura McCullough whose research interests include physics education research, and gender and science issues.

Dan Fullerton: micro electronics for teachers

Last night we talked with Dan about his work as a faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology and as a high school teacher. We talked about how to incorporate more micro-electronics topics into various curricula and took a look at what Dan and his colleagues have developed.

Here’s the link to the recording.

Next week we’re talking with Joseph Shoer of Quantum Rocketry fame.