Dean Baird: Modeling smackdown

Tonight we spoke with Dean about his reasons for not teaching using Modeling Instruction. It lead to a great conversation about the pros and cons of that particular physics teaching approach.

Here’s the recording link. 

Next week we’re doing coaching once again. Please go to the video spreadsheet and watch Andrew Morrison’s (the one towards the bottom, not the one posted a few months ago), Akwetee Watkin’s, and Brendan Noon’s. If you don’t have access to that spreadsheet, fill out this form.

Jiajia Dong: computational physics

Tonight we talked with JJ about her work in computational biophysics and about computational physics in general. We talked a little about some approaches to working with students in computational research settings and about good approaches at the high school level.

Here’s the recording.

Next week: A modeling smack-down with Dean Baird taking the lead expanding on some recent blog posts of his about why he doesn’t do modeling.