Desmos Graphing Calculator

Last night we spoke with Eli Luberoff and Jason Merrill who have created the Desmos graphing calculator ( We were shown some jaw-dropping features like arbitrary sliders, multiple plots, parametric plots, etc.

Here’s the recording link.

We also continued to brainstorm the problem database project (last 1/2 hour of recording).

Next week we’re talking with Greg Jacobs of JacobsPhysics fame. Join us!

Student capstones

We heard capstone presenations from one of John’s 9th graders, Josh’s 11th graders, and Andy’s first year students. One project was on how long it takes two bodies to collide from the gravitational force, one was on the timbre of vocal sounds, and one was on the acoustics of home-made pvc flutes.

Here’s the recording