The Expert TA: automated partial credit

Last night we talked with Jeremy Morton from The Expert TA. He talked with us about how he’s expanded his PhD research on how to reliably code student work into his current company that competes with WebAssign and others. It also led naturally into a further discussion of our Physics Problem Database (that’s now in Alpha release).

Here’s the link to the recording.

Our next meeting will be in two weeks (we’re taking the US holiday off next week). We don’t yet have a confirmed speaker, so please send Andy ( some suggestions if you have any.

Rachel Pepper: PER in upper division courses

We talked with Rachel about the efforts she was involved in at the University of Colorado. They made numerous, research-based changes to the advanced E&M course and saw good learning gains.

Here’s her handout:

Pepper UpperDiv Handout GlobalPhysDept

And here’s the recording.

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Next week we’ll be talking with Joshua Whitney about particle physics

Greg Jacobs classroom demos

This week we talked with Greg about demonstrations to do on your first day of class. One in particular that got some praise is seen here:

Normal force demo

We also continued our conversation about the physics problem database (that conversation began at the one hour mark).

Here’s the recording

Next week we’ll talk with Rachel Pepper about research she’s done on upper division physics teaching, please join us!