8/22 Mario Belloni

This week at the Global Physics Department meeting, we had Mario Belloni from Davison College.  Mario discussed some research-based strategies for engaging students in introductory astronomy classes (mostly for non-majors).  He focused his ideas on emphasizing  the nature of science in astronomy by including historical perspectives.  Mario also included ideas for increasing student interest in astronomy.  One very cool idea was the use of video analysis on the motion of sun spots to determine the rotation rate.
This week was moderated by Rhett Allain.  Although he seems to have successfully moderated, he didn’t ask as many interesting questions as Andy usually asks.

Here’s the recording.

This week we’ll talk with Gary Abud about how he creates amazing classroom culture. Join us Wednesday at 9:30pm ET.

August 15: New college physics instructors

We talked with several physics faculty members from around the country about issues with beginning a new physics position. We talked about maintaining respect and authority in the classroom, and how to prepare students for using interactive engagement activities.

Here’s the recording.

This week we’ll be talking with Mario Belloni from Davidson about Astronomy education practices. Please join us!

August 8: Advice for new high school physics teachers

Last week's Global Physics Department meeting was devoted to advice for new high school physics teachers, and featured presentations by 4 new-ish teachers sharing lessons they've learned, including Akwetee Watkins, Daniel Longhurst, Matt McCollum and Steve Nixon. 
Here are a few more additional resources that 

Elluminate recording of Wednesday August 8 discussion on New High School Teacher Advice.

This week's session: Advice for New College Physics Teachers

This week, we'll be giving advice to new college physics teachers. Come to hear advice from faculty who recently began thier careers teaching physics in college. 


Wednesday, August 1: AAPT wrap-up

Last night's Global Physics Department meeting was devoted to a wrap up discussion of the Summer AAPT meeting in Philadelphia that just took place.  We shared highlights from the meeting, talked about ideas that AAPT might be improved, and the overall value face to face conferences in the day of social media. links from the discussion:

Elluminate recording of Wednesday August 1 discussion.

Next Week's session: Advice for New High School Physics Teachers

Next week, we'll be giving advice to new high school physics teachers. To help make this session awesome, we need you to do two things:

  1. Fill our this 5 minute survey with advice for new teachers.

  2. Recruit any new teachers you know to come to our meeting next Wednesday at 9:30 PM EST.

In two weeks, we'll be giving advice to New College/University Physics teachers.