9/19 Wolfgang Christian on EJS

This week we heard from Wolfgang Christian on how to download, install, program, and use Easy Java Simulations. Here are some additional resources from him:

(1)    Computational Physics shared filing cabinet on ComPADRE:

(2)    Davidson College Computational Physics Moodle course:


Here’s the recording of the session.

Coaching next week:

Next week we’ll be coaching John Burk. Please watch the video and then fill out this form ahead of time.

9/12 Danny Caballero: computational thinking

We spoke with Danny about the work Colorado University has done to embed computational thinking into their upper division physics courses, specifically Classical Mechanics/Math Methods. We talked about the types of skills that help students succeed and we had our weekly flame war involving Python and Mathematica.

Here’s the recording.

This week (Wednesday, 9/19, 9:30pm ET) we’ll be speaking with Wolfgang Christian about Easy Java Simulations. Wolfgang plans to walk us through installation, implementation, and optimization, so feel free to install and follow along with us.

9/5 Dave Fish: Perimeter institute

Last week we talked with Dave Fish, who works at the Perimeter Institute in Canada. He shared the history of the institute and also showed us many of the outreach efforts they work on. It sounds really exciting to have opportunity to take short courses on current theoretical physics topics from the people on the cutting edge.

Here’s the recording.

This week (Wednesday, 9:30pm ET) we’ll be talking with Danny Caballero, from Colorado University, about computational thinking in mid-level physics major courses. Join us!