Morrison: Chicago-Area Physics Educator PD

We talked with Andrew Morrison about physics educator professional development opportunities in the greater Chicago area. We talked about how groups that meet regularly can help your own teaching, and we talked about the best practices for running/participating in those groups.

Here’s the recording.

This week we’re talking with Fernand Brunschwig who will continue this conversation, focusing on similar efforts in the New York area.

One thought on “Morrison: Chicago-Area Physics Educator PD

  1. I’m looking forward to the session tomorrow evening at 9:30 ET. I’ll talk about our peer-to-peer group – PhysicsTeachersNYC (check us out at ). We’ve made a lot of progress since getting off the ground in summer of 2011: 11 3-hour weekend workshops and a 3-week intensive Modeling Mechanics Workshop this past summer. I’d also like to update the group briefly about my project to publish Karplus’ “Intro Physics” for free at (“guest” login and password) in a way that teachers can add their own materials and create their own “mix” from the various elements of the book. Hope you can make it!

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