Ramon Lopez and the NGSS

We spoke with Ramon about his experience being on the writing team for theĀ Next Generation Science Standards. NOTE THAT TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK FOR THE CURRENT ROUND. He noted that it’s probably better to give feedback through AAPT.

Here’s the recording.

This week (1/30) we’ll be talking about planning spring GPD dates for student capstone projects. If you have students doing projects, please consider encouraging them. We’ll likely spend time talking about capstones in general this week as well.

12/19/2012 Scholastica

We talked with Rob Walsh about Scholastica, a company that facilitates the logistics behind running an academic journal. We heard about the various tools for authors and editors, and brainstormed how a school or an organization could make use of their hosting capabilities.

Here’s the recording.

The minutes for this past week will come on on Monday. Next week (1/16) will be about Arduinos.