4/3/13 Share-a-thon

We talked with a few members about cool things they’ve done in their teaching. We heard about making a video of dry ice sliding off a bike wheel (from Peter Bohacek), interesting and challenging problems for your students (from John Burk – see below), and using complex numbers in modern physics (from SuperFly).

We also spent time talking about different ideas for how to improve the Global Physics Department. We brainstormed several things, but realized that we need more input from the larger community. If you could, please take a couple minutes to fill out this google docs feedback form.

Here’s the recording of the session.

This week (4/10 at 9pm ET) we’re going to explore community problem solving, by tackling some of the problems from the book John talked with us about. We’re hoping that, by collaboratively brainstorming a solution, we’ll learn something for ourselves and our teaching. Please join us!

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