Richard Piccioni: energy focus for modern physics

Richard shared how he has focused on teaching about energy transfer and conservation in his Physics First curriculum. He talked about efforts to better prepare students for chemistry in their next class. He showed us the charts he uses and even had us take a crack at solving some of them. Here are his slides.

Here’s the recording.

This week (10/16) we’ll be talking with Lynne Raschke about student math background success in conceptual physics courses. Join us!

3 thoughts on “Richard Piccioni: energy focus for modern physics

  1. I was finally able to arrange my schedule to rejoin the live session. Unfortunately, I discovered that the Java application to Blackboard is no longer working. Any ideas? Thank you.

      • Thank you for the reply. I saw the link to the suggestions for Mac users. I also tried several things from the troubleshooting chpater in the help manual for Blackboard. It is fine, I’ll just keep listening to the recordings. If I get another Wednesday night free, I’ll try again. Maybe they will have fixed the bug by then. Thanks again for organizing this. Your time and energy is much appreciated.

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