Lynne Raschke: math prep vs conceptual performance

Lynne has researched correlations between students’ math preparation and performance on various types of assessments in a conceptual physics course at St. Scholastica. She talked to us about her methodology and results, which suggested two intriguing but nearly opposite suggestions for changes in the future.

Here’s the recording.

This week (10/23) we’ll be talking with Adrienne Traxler about “Extending positive C-LASS results across multiple instructors and multiple classes of Modeling Instruction.” Join us!

One thought on “Lynne Raschke: math prep vs conceptual performance

  1. Hello again,

    FYI: Blackboard Collaborate is not working again. It just crashes when trying to load and I have to force quit to unfreeze my computer. I’ll keep listening to the recordings, but I wish I could join the chat sometime. Have fun.

    Benjamin Spicer

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