Adrienne Traxler: Modeling and C-LASS

Adrienne shared the data and analyses presented in this paper. We talked about the difficulty of achieving positive C-LASS results (from pre- to post-test), and we talked about how the Modeling curriculum seems to help with that.

Here’s the recording.

This week (10/30) we’ll be talking with Steve Maier about work he’s done to support physics teachers in Oklahoma. One cool thing he did to whet your appetite was to mail each public school teacher in OK a classroom set of whiteboards. Very cool.

The week after that, we’ll hold a pseudo book-club on this older article from John Denker about ways to do error propagation. It’s very negative about using “sig figs” and that has been a topic of conversation on twitter lately.

After that we have a lot of openings, so we’re looking for people who want to share for ~15 minutes on a cool teaching tool/issue/topic. Contact Andy ( if you’re interested.

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