Sam Evans and Karin Kirk: climate change

Sam and Karin shared with us approaches and resources to use when talking about climate change with physics students. Sam talked about how he’s used climate as the context for introducing energy, indicating that his students were much more engaged. Karin shared her work with the CLEAN web site, which provides a searchable array of resources for teachers.

Here’s the recording.

We’re taking the next two weeks off. Happy Holidays, or, as my 7 year old has decided we should say: Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

Bethany Wilcox and Danny Caballero: Math framework

Bethany and Danny talked with us about a framework they’ve developed to help assess how students in upper divisions physics courses use math. We talked about how hard it can be for an expert problem solver to articulate all the steps used, but that for a novice, it’s important to be able to see those. They shared different ways of posing questions to get students to use various tools. An example would be “Use Taylor’s series to . . .” vs “What is an approximation to the result around x= . . .”

Here’s the recording

This week (12/18) we’ll be talking about ways to teach about climate change with Sam Evans and Karin Kirk. Join us!

Student capstones

We spoke with eight different students about five different projects. They were on sliding cups, parallel springs, slingshot trajectories, hockey slap shots, and rotating chains. It was so great to hear them talk not only about their content and what they learned, but also about how a project helps them think about physics and science in general.

Here’s the recording.

This week (12/11 at 9:30pm ET) we’ll be talking with Bethany Wilcox about an upper-division math framework she’s been helping develop for physics major courses. Please join us!